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Play Sudoku online

To enter the number into an empty cell you should click on it by the left mouse button and select the desired number. Click on X to delete.
You can put the note in the cell – just press the right mouse button and select the numbers you want. For deleting the note – just select the desired number once again; to clear the cell – select X.
You can verify your Sudoku solution at any stage – by pressing the Test button.
You can print Sudoku or save it as a picture on your PC – by pressing Print or Save buttons.
Any website owner may install Sudoku on his web page for free – by pressing the Share button.

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Rules of Sudoku are quite simple, but it’s not so easy to play it on difficult levels.
All you need is to enter the numbers from 1 to 9 into all free cells so that each number appears just once in each column, each row and each square (3 x 3 cells). The puzzle is considered solved if you’ve filled all free cells correctly.
Enjoy the game and good luck!