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Mahjong online

We offer you a great intellectual game – Mahjong online. This solitaire has long ago captured the hearts of many fans around the world.
Here you will find a large selection of options for the game: the classic Shanghai, snake, beetle, and many others. Our script shows you how many moves are available in stock. It also allows you cancelling any move if you want. In addition, if you are stuck and cannot find the right pair of stones, you can always use the «Hint» button to highlight the option of move.
We have recently developed a unique algorithm to generate a game. It guarantees all players that each game layout has a solution. The fastest players will necessarily fall into the honorable rank list!
Like our other games, you can install Mahjong online on both your website, and blog. To do this, simply insert the code which appears after pressing «Webmasters» button.

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